Bates' Taxidermy And Supplies


Selecting a Taxidermist. 

Marketing is the drive of any business, but dont be fooled by false claims of how long someone has been doing Taxidermy, how much of  that time have they been good at it? Taxidermy work is subjective, make an informed decision about who you are going to trust your hard  earned trophy or specimen too.View some work if possible and ask who will be carrying out the work, For example once you drop off a  mount for us to do, it never leaves my care. I personally do every piece from start to finish, I don't post your skin off to someone else to tan  and hope I get the same one back.

Look around, check out as many Taxidermists as you can, Dont compare or make your choice based on price, full time Taxidermists have  much higher costs than the part time hobbyist. But look for quality, as a good mount will be around along time.

Our competition try to copy our work, we try to copy nature