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Lutan F Tanning agent -ONE KILOGRAM

$ 20 AUD

New stock of Lutan F available by the kilo, Made in Germany. Plus postage, we will email postage costs.


Para Tan Kit 18kg drained shaved skins,includes postage within Australia

$ 110 AUD

This kit contains enough supplies to fully tan up to 18kgs of skins either for flat skins or taxidermy tanning.

1.2kg Para Tan

2 litres Tanning oil #1

one sailinometer

One vile Ph papers

500ml Kemal 4 Relaxor/degreaser

500Grams  Oxalic Acid

Instructions and Technical Support

Free Postage Australia Wide, Price Inclusive of GST


Postage For 2 KG(one kilo product= 1.2kg postage weight)

No Image Available

$ 14 AUD

We use flat rate bags from Australia post.


Lutan F 2.5KG including postage & GST

No Image Available

$ 61.50 AUD

Lutan F Tanning powder,made in Germany.


$14 post


We have a range of products, so we can tailor a tanning system to suit you and your needs,wether flat skins or tanning for taxidermy, we have submersible tans as well as paint on tans and all your other products like relaxor,degreasers,acid,deodorizors etc. We will ad products to this page as we get time but please contact for any inquieries.