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Derma grip hide paste. In stock and ready for your next mount.

This is the most versatile paste I have used,use on all tanning methods on mammals,but also a great paste for fish and birds.

Dont mess with home brew hide pastes,this paste is ready to use right out of the bucket,easy water cleanup.

Smooth creamy testure which goes on easily but will hold your cape/skins in place. Introducing this paste to Australia for $46.95

Which buys a one gallon bucket,weighing 4kg gross.Posts anywhere in Australia for under $25.You will mount many deer with this paste,making a world class hide paste a cheap investment in your work.

To buy from the USA and post over here by air would cost you over $100 per gallon.

Buy by the case for further savings(4 x one gallon)

please contact me.


Derma Grip Red Label Hide Paste-One US Gallon(4KG Gross)

$ 64.95 AUD

Includes Postage anywhere in Australia

email me to purchase product and calculate postage for sales within NSW.

Contact me also to combine purchases for cheaper postage.