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Licenced Taxidermist -Victoria 

 I have been doing taxidermy since I was in primary school in the 90's, taught by my father to mount birds my interest grew and I moved onto small mammals and game animals. In 2004 I sold a couple of mounts to add to my savings to go to the USA  in 2005

I did my first customers taxidermy in 2005 and I have been doing commercial mounts since that time, After spending a lot of time in The USA where I had the chance to mount many species of animals and attend many competitions and seminars  I moved back to Australia .

I have many years experience in all facets of taxidermy, I complete all steps myself with all work carried out in house, I can mount  all legally acquired specimens and game animals as well as reptiles, birds and fish .

Please contact me for any taxidermy queries you have.








We are  also a stockist of Glass eyes, hide paste and many other Taxidermy supplies. 

At Bates' Taxidermy and Supplies we are the Australian Distributors for Knoblochs Tanning chemicals.